What are Display Homes?

Display homes showcase striking and innovative features in modern home design and are an attractive investment for those looking to reap from the latest in lifestyle functionality and sustainable building design.

Benefits of buying a display home

A display home is a greater investment than a standard property. Most builders pay a premium lease-back figure in excess of normal rental rates for the use of the home for one to two years. The builder also repaints and makes good where necessary for the home to be handed over looking brand new. Rarely does the home suffer from tenant wear-and-tear and the cleaning and landscaping are carried out by expert contractors.

Examining a display home

Look for cutting-edge design, composite building materials, and modern energy-saving appliances. Buyers today are also looking for clever and eye-catching features not present in normal homes. High on your shortlist should be energy efficiency, LED lighting, water saving measures, the speed of construction, and passive design.

Kookaburra Home Builders often have display homes set up to appeal to buyers of all types. Be sure to check them out if you’d like more ideas on the different type of display homes out there – they specialise in custom built homes and generally know how to showcase their best work.

Trends in the home building industry

The building industry is slow to accept change and struggling to meet minimum energy ratings. In most states, a 6-star energy rating is the least standard. Modular systems achieve a 7.5 to 9.5-star rating, which is a challenge for a traditional concrete block or brick veneer construction.

New innovations and designs present in a display home

  • Cutting-edge passive ventilation design
  • Solar powered air conditioning systems
  • Walk-in cool rooms with full-length chest freezers
  • Engineered building systems which are independently rated
  • Tinted remote-controlled louvre windows with moisture-sensing switches to close once rain is detected
  • Eco-friendly solar hot water systems that cost almost zero annually to run

Environmental considerations

More and more people are going green and asking for sustainable housing design. Since display homes are built using modular construction techniques, no trees are cut down. The modules used are bushfire retardant, termite-proof and storm resistant. Everything is built in a factory, leaving little environmental impact on the construction site.

‘Green’ aspects incorporated into a display home

  • Steel roof trusses
  • Low-flow water saving shower heads
  • Grey water recycling and water harvesting tanks
  • Tinted glass with 900mm eave overhangs to reduce energy consumption
  • Louvre windows to provide passive heating-and-cooling when used in conjunction with 2700mm ceiling heights

How energy ratings work

Most states have agreed on an energy star rating system like the one you see on electronic appliances. The higher the star rating, the less energy is used yearly. All buildings are rated by an independent company. A brick veneer home with no ceiling batts and no wall insulation will be lucky to register a 2-star rating. Modular homes achieve a minimum of a 7.5 energy star rating.

What to look for in a display home regarding its energy rating

  • High energy star rating in writing
  • Grid-connected solar power systems
  • R 3.5 rated ceiling batts
  • A minimum of 600mm eave overhangs
  • LED low-energy lighting throughout the home
  • Solar hot water systems to reduce annual power bills
  • Tinted windows with louvres and highlight windows for cross-flow ventilation
  • The ‘Green Tick’ which signifies the home has been independently assessed and has met certain criteria
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